Happy New Year ~ Wishig you all the best i 2023. Thak you all for your support. Good riddace 2022

1.2 Startig afresh with ew exercises! Thak You Biaca!Suggested aswers for yesterday:is alarmed;focusedGra

新年快乐旧愿皆已偿,明年有新盼告别的都是过去,要来的都是欣喜我们一辈子最重要的三点:岁月静好、懂得感恩、与你相随按照国际说法就是:Fie,thak you,ad you!愿2023年一切美好如期而至

人这一辈子呢,最重要的三点其实是:岁月静好,懂得感恩,与你相随。其实我们小学就学过了,按照国际的说法:fie,thak you ,ad you

1)Thak you for this iterview.2)Eglish is a iteratioal laguage.3)He made the itroductios at the party.4)Thak you for ivi


1.1 The stewardship of our grammar is i good hads! Thak you Biaca!Suggested aswers for yesterday:amazig;a

Dear Miss Xiao !I’m very glad to see you how is everythig take good care of yourself thak you for your sharig chael best wishes for happy ew yea

昆凌晒全家福::Thak you 2022! Wishig you a happy ew year ad blessed year ahead! Dream big ad make the most of 2023 everyoe!

Thak you so much ad Happy ew year !Wish you everythig goes well i 2023!We ca lear more from your vedios as well!