(1)ce 读 /s/, 如rice,oce,twice.(2)usually、ofte、always、sometime有什么区别吗?今天和小朋友一起学英语刚好讲到这些词,今天分享给宝贝们:always adv. 总是,一直。Itu0026

resig: 单词我认识,一直把它读成,但是才发现原来我以前都读错了今日阅读分享:Just days after Twitter laid off thousads of employees, a umber of top executiv

It ca be extremely hard to fid time to read these days. With our lives cluttered with work, school, life, ad ew amazig episodes of Game of Thro

Whe I was a juior i uiversity, oce I wet home with a classmate for the weeked. rrAfter spedig two days with my family, the classmate told m

I got called for a iterview two days after submittig a applicatio. I cried after gettig off the phoe because heck, I eed this job ad I have

As we all kow, readig is a good habit, but the problem is, thereu0026

Oe day I got a call from my daughter (4th grade), she was cryig. I was told that she had bee suspeded from school for 3 days for fightig, ad t

My two kids are seemigly at each otheru0026

I’ve spet a good deal of this pademic feelig helplessly aloe, as I’m sure may others have.Last year, o oe of the coldest days of the witer,

Whe I was still i primary school, my elder brother asked our parets for a diary. Every day he wrote a etry i the diary ad locked it i his draw