years ago的中文意思(yearsago的中文意思)


ERA是什么意思?意思:. 时代;年代;纪元May soldiers sacrificed i the war era.许多士兵在战争时代牺牲了。The Christia era begis with the year of the ativity o

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下面是我根据曾经看过的新闻翻译的,可能很多老百姓看不懂,我又翻译成中文70,000 years ago there were oly over 2000 aciet people left o the Earth ad ow over 7.5 billio people

14年前的今天,比特币诞生了!14 years ago today, the birth of Bitcoi!

This icidet happeed 2 years ago whe I cut my hair short.这件事发生在两年前我剪短发的时候。I wet to office ad some people were complimetig o my hairstyle a

This story had happeed may years ago. If it is ow the girl would get a pair of sheos easily without thikig ay problems.

其他不论,但仔细听,光头说的是Twety years ago,字幕打的是十年前

41 年前的今天,IBM PC 面世:它迅速成为市场事实上的标准41 years ago today, the IBM PC was itroduced: it quickly became marketu0026

Hudreds of years ago, life was harder tha it is today. People did’t have moder machies. There was o medicie, either.Life today brigs ew prob