I went to the hospital for an interview. When I saw a piece of paper on your floor, I picked it up and threw it into the trash can. I didn't expect this scene to be seen by the interviewer. Now I am a hospital cleaner.


It's no shame to show love these days. The most shameful thing is to show air conditioning.


The spy ran nervously: "Newspaper", and the general opened his arms helplessly.


Staying up late can effectively prevent senile dementia, because staying up late can prevent you from living to old age.


Today, Miyoshi students are hungry and sleepy and miss you.


As long as I eat my face round, no one will look down on me.


More than one hundred catties of interesting soul.


Han Han who is active in the videos of beautiful women.

九、别的无缝衔接是对象一个接着一个 我的无缝衔接是排位一把接一把的输。

Other seamless connections are one object after another, and my seamless connection is losing one rank after another.

十、今天喝奶茶忘记付钱了 然后体验了人生第一次被男生追。

Today, I forgot to pay for drinking milk tea, and then experienced being chased by boys for the first time in my life.

十一、这天气有毒吧这么热 有人给个后羿 或者萧敬腾的联系方式吗。

It's poisonous, isn't it? It's so hot. Can someone give me the contact information of Houyi or Jam Hsiao?

十二、今晚月色很美 仿佛都会说话 他说:让一让 堵路了。

Tonight, the moonlight is beautiful, as if everyone can talk. He said, "Get out of the way and block the road."


What do you think a boy's mouth will taste? It should be delicious to taste it.

十四、没事你可以慢慢考虑 错过了我这个村 我还有店 连锁店。

It's okay. You can think about it slowly. I missed my village. I have a chain store.


Today, when I went out, my father-in-law said to me: How do you want it cooked?


Don't forget to quilt the roommate next to you when you wake up at nigh

十七、心狠手辣的我 舔了一下手指被自己辣哭了。

I licked my finger and cried by myself.

十八、今天偷亲了一个女孩被打了 这难道就是亲人两行泪吗。

Today, I secretly kissed a girl and was beaten. Is this the tears of my loved ones?

十九、我不纹身了 纹身影响我身高 我爸说我敢去就打断我的腿。

I don't have tattoos anymore. Tattoos affect my height. My dad said I would break my legs if I dared.